Custom Gym Racks

A custom gym rack will often be the centrepiece of your gym, allowing for a wide range of functional exercises and heavy weight training. Gym racks are highly versatile and as exclusive UK distributors of Kingsbox, we have a huge range of rack types, colours frames and accessories at our finger tips. So we can help you design the perfect custom gym rack for your needs and space.

Step 1 – Rack Colour

Below is a selection of the possible frame colours we offer in our custom gym racks, but there’s even the possibility of custom colours to perfectly match your gym branding. Frames are powder coated to the highest standard to ensure a long-lasting durable finish.











Brushed Steel

Step 2 – Frame Profile

Kingsbox custom gym racks are available in two frame profiles (60mm and 80mm). The 80mm profile is better for heavy duty commercial use, but both are compatible with the full range of rig accessories.

60mm X 60mm Profile

The Kingsbox 60mm profile framework is also known as the Royal series and is tough enough for commercial applications. There is a huge range of compatible accessories for the Royal series.

80mm X 80mm Profile

The Kingsbox 80mm profile framework is also known as the Mighty series and is designed for the toughest of commercial applications. There is a huge range of compatible accessories for the Mighty series.

Mighty Squat Pulley System Rack

One of the most multifunctional rack solutions on the market, available now.

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Step 3 – Rack Style

You can configure a rack from as simple as a freestanding squat rack to an entire gym depending on the space available, how many stations you want and the number of exercises you want to offer. The height, width and length can all be customised. Speak to us about your requirements and we can help you create some ideas and 3D render your ideal rack design.

Step 4 – Accessories

This is possibly one of the most impressive elements of Kingsbox rack designs. They offer an incredible range of rack accessories to allow any level of functionality you can imagine. Below is just a small fraction of the 100+ accessories that can be added to Kingsbox racks and rigs.

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Designing your dream gym rack should be an exciting process, we offer a wealth of gym design experience and support. So you can relax and enjoy the process of designing your dream rack, rather than worrying about the niggly details. Simply let us know your requirements, budget and space, and together we’ll turn your dream into a reality.

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