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UK Fitness Equipment are proud distributors of Granuflex flooring solutions.

Granuflex is the brand name of Granuband BV, a Dutch manufacturer of sustainable rubber tiles.

Granuflex are known for their sustainable design, with tiles made from ground car tyres, which are collected and recycle in the Netherlands. The vertical integration of collection, recycling and manufacture at the same state of the art location guarantees both excellent quality and a very low carbon footprint.

Full certification can be provided to support the product and environmental tests for all of the Granuflex range.

The range includes all rubber tile options from home through to full commercial. Rubber by the roll options, rubber tiles and EDPM options can be discussed and quoted.

Granuflex is also a specialist in rubber granules for artificial grass/turf fields, e-layers (athletics tracks), surfaces of playgrounds, and many other rubber products.

All Granuflex products are professionally and skillfully installed by our team ensuring you will have a long term functional and beautiful training space.

If you are looking for a world class flooring solution contact us today for a quote.

Rubber Gym Flooring

We range a wide selection of rubber flooring tiles from 15mm through to 65mm extreme high impact options for home, garage and commercial gyms to crossfit and PT studios.

Custom EDPM Flooring

Our specialist EDPM flooring options can provide a more tailored solution to your fitness space. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use these versitile tiles can add colour and functionality to your gym spaces.

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