Whether you’re looking for small home set-up or a full custom floor installation for a commercial gym, we supply and fit a wide range of gym floor solutions. Simply buy gym floor tiles and fit them yourself, or request a quote and we will come back to you with our leading flooring brand options and an installation quote. We stock commercial rubber, EDPM, commercial vinyl flooring, gym floor tiles and even specialist weightlifting platforms. From flooring for your home or garage gym, to bespoke commercial installs with logos, we have you covered.

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Gym flooring for home gyms & Garage Gyms

Gym Flooring FAQs

What sort of flooring is right for you? How many tiles do you need? How do you fit gym flooring? These are all common questions, getting the right gym flooring for your home or garage gym can make a big difference to both your project cost and also how effective the flooring will be when it’s used. A bit of planning and knowledge goes a long way.

What is the best flooring for me?

This really depends on your needs. Gym flooring tiles are very versatile, quick and easy to fit and come in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. Whereas rubber on the roll gives a jointless finish, but can be harder to fit. For commercial applications it’s normally best to get in touch and speak to us. We can provide custom quotations and advice depending on your requirements.

How much flooring do I need?

Firstly measure in meters the longest point of length and width in the space you want to cover. If there’s any protrusions like columns or walls sticking out, imagine they’re not there. Multiply the length by the width to get the total meters squared (m2). It’s wise to then add 10% to this number, to allow for wastage, to get your total flooring area requirement. Standard gym floor tiles are 1 m2 in size. So, for example, if you need 20 m2 then you need 20 tiles.

What flooring thickness do I need?

The thicker the flooring, the more sound and shock absorption you’ll get. For general home use thinner tiles (10-25mm) are normally more than sufficient, as they’ll experience a lot less use and wear. Our best selling commercial tiles are 25mm & 30mm. Whilst thicker tiles are generally best suited to specialist use, such as walkways and areas requiring maximum shock absorption.

Can flooring be cut?

Yes – All of our tiles and rubber flooring on the roll can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife, we recommend replacing the blade after every 5-10 cuts/tiles. Continually score along the line, progressively cutting through the full depth of the tile Make sure you’re wearing gloves and use a cutting ruler or straight-edge. Jigsaw cutters can be used for more irregular profiles and curves.

How do you fit gym flooring?

You can download the installation guides from the product pages for full details, but here is a brief overview.

Preparation: Sub-floor must be flat, clean and free of debris and dust.

Acclimatisation: Store the tiles in the same room as they’ll be fit in, for a minimum of 24 hours before laying tiles.

Installation: Begin in the centre of the room and work towards the perimeter. A brick layout is recommended although square pattern is an option. Tiles can be loose laid where installation is enclosed by walls or fixed perimeter. Tiles should be fitted tight in this space. For commercial applications it is recommended to bond the tiles to the sub-floor with a suitable adhesive.

How should I store the flooring if not installing straight away?

The tiles must be stored dry with sufficient air circulation. Avoid any damp environment as this can cause mould and changes in size and colour. The tiles must be stored dry with sufficient air circulation. When they are stored for more than 2 months, the package needs to be removed.

Can you install gym flooring for me?

Yes – If you want your flooring professional installed, we can provide this in most areas of the UK, please contact us for details. As an estimate, it’s around £375 for a garage / home gym floor to be laid.


Our installers need a clear area to work in. Please ensure the area is completely clear and any unrequired flooring is removed prior to the install.

The preparation of adequate sub floor prior to installation of flooring products is the customers responsibility unless specified in the quotation.

On newer build properties there is often uneven concrete on the edges of garages. This will need to be removed prior to install so that a flush, tight finish can be achieved by the installer. If this is not removed the installer will cut to fit however additional skirting/ edging may be required to achieve a clean finish.

As guide we recommend level + or – 5mm over a 5m length as the floor tolerance

Flooring can be laid on suitable concrete, screed floor, wood, or synthetic hard surfaces.

On the Day

The installer will have booked the install day with you directly. Please ensure points above are actioned.

Unless detailed the flooring will be loose laid and cut to fit area. Where required the tiles will be spot glued on the sides to ensure a good fit.

If there are any issues on the day please raise them with the installer as they can resolve whilst on site.


What flooring do I need for Olympic lifting and dropping plates?

When installing tiles in areas where free weights are being used, its important to check that the structural floor is suitable for this purpose. The structural floor must be robust, allowing for the expected impact loads created by dropping weights. We would recommend the GT25 or GT40 InstaFloor High Performance Tiles. These can be used in conjunction with out Endura Fitness oak weightlifting platform to create a dedicated lifting zone in your home or commercial gym.

Why do I need to pay for shipping on your flooring?

Flooring is very large and very heavy so even a small order needs to travel on a pallet. Depending on the thickness/weight a pallet can hold up to a maximum of 80 tiles. We charge a standard pallet rate of £75 pounds on all pallets. That way we can offer you’re the most competitive pricing on our high grade gym flooring solutions.

Can I get FREE shipping on flooring?

If you are looking to order other equipment at the same time as your flooring please contact us as if possible we will ship on the same pallet and remove the flooring delivery cost for you.

How do I maintain my gym flooring?

Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove loose debris from the surface of the gym floor and then clean with a non abrasive (neutral) cleaning soap. Try not to get too much water on the flooring surface.

Gym Flooring Clients

We love working with customers to create the ultimate gym floor solutions. From large commercial gym installs, with several different flooring options, to home and garage gym flooring, we have you covered. Whatever the project, we have a solution to make sure you’re more than happy with the final result. Have a look at some of our successful gym flooring installations below:

Gym Floor Installation

For total peace of mind, or for bigger projects why not have your flooring professionally installed? It’s not as expensive as you would think, makes a big difference to the final finish and can mean your floor lasts longer.

We take care of the entire process for you, from planning and floor selection, to delivery and fitting.

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