Tunturi Massage Gun

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Product Code: 14TUSYO059
Brand: Tunturi

Key Features:

  • Reduces stress, pain and muscle tension
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • With 20 different speed options from 1200 to 3300 revolutions per minute
  • With 4 head pieces for massaging different body parts and muscle groups
  • With 3 programs and a manual mode
  • Quiet in use
  • UK power lead included

4 Head Pieces

3 Programs

5 – 11 hr Battery Life

20 Speed Options

Tunturi Massage Gun

The ideal massage partner
The Tunturi massage gun is a great partner to warm up the muscles before your workout, or afterwards to reduce pain and tension in your body. The professional massage device stimulates blood circulation and helps speed up the recovery of the muscles. But the massage gun is also the ideal partner for overall relaxation and reducing stress in body and mind.

Different purposes
The massage gun has twenty different speed options ranging from 1200 to a maximum of 3300 revolutions per minute. It can be used for all types of massages, from a superficial massage to massages that reach the deeper muscles. It comes with four head pieces: a ball, fork, ball and a flat head piece. With these four head pieces you can massage all the different body parts and muscle groups.

Simple and quiet
The LED touchscreen on the device makes it easy to choose a speed and it also indicates the remaining battery power. The powerful lithium battery has a battery life of five to eleven hours, depending on the massage speed you use. There are three preset programs and a manual mode. The device is light in weight and you can carry it around in the convenient carrying case. With just 50-60 db, this device is quiet in use.

The Ultimate Massage Gun

The Tunturi massage gun is a great partner to warm up the muscles before your workout, or afterwards to reduce pain and tension in your body. The professional massage device stimulates blood circulation and helps speed up the recovery of the muscles.

  • Reduces stress, pain and muscle tension.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Speed up muscle recovery.

From straining to relaxing

If you are working out for the first time, every movement of your muscles feel as if you are way out of your comfort zone. But even people who have been working out for years still have to work hard to become better, faster or stronger.  So it makes sense we all feel our muscles after an intensive workout. It can even feel quite good, right? That muscle pain in your arms or legs as proof that you really DID something. But whether you train hard or casually, getting rest is a crucial part of every training. Not just in between exercises, but also in between training days. It gives your muscles time to recover. A massage gun will help your process of recovery, but it offers more advantages.

The advantages of a massage gun

  • Warms up the muscles;
  • Reduces pain and muscle tension;
  • Speeds up the recovery of muscles;
  • Stimulates blood circulation;
  • Helps to provide total relaxation;
  • Reduces stress in body and mind.

The big difference between a massage gun and other massage products – for example massage balls and foam rollers – is that you don’t have to exert pressure or use force to massage specific muscles.

Switchable Massage Heads


The massager comes with 4 interchangeable massage attachments, giving you total control over your choice of massage.

Massage Anywhere


The handy carry case, allows you to store the massage gun and all your accessories in one place. At less than 2 kg the massager is easy and safe to travel with.

Easy, Clear Controls

The Tunturi massage gun, has sleek, touch-screen controls for changing the speed and massage type. As well as letting you know how much battery life is remaining.

Choosing The Right Speed

Choosing the right speed will greatly influence the effect of your massage, just like choosing the right head piece. If you want a light massage, it makes sense to choose a slower speed. But a lower speed is also the best choice if you want to warm or loosen up your muscles, for example right before you start your workout. The Tunturi Massage Gun has twenty different speeds to choose from.

Choosing the Right Head Piece

Do you want to stimulate the blood circulation in your thighs? Reduce the muscle tension in your upper arm? Or loosen up your neck and shoulders after working behind a desk all day? The Tunturi Massage Gun has four different head pieces. Every head piece has its own ‘specialism’ and together they form one set which allows you to execute all types of massages. Try out for yourself what feels the most comfortable or hast the best effect.

High Performance Battery

The integrated 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery will last up to 11 hours on the lowest speed and still give you 5 hours battery life at maximum power.


Speed Options 20 levels
Changeable Heads 4 Types
Display LED touchscreen
RPM 1200 – 3300
Battery Life 5 – 11 hours
Programs 3


Size L 23 x W 7 x H 24.5 cm
Weight 1360 gr
Material ABS
Colour black and green
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Capacity 2500 mAh
Product Code 14TUSYO059
EAN Code 8717842033005
Motor 20W, 50-60 db

Home Warranty


12 Months

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