Power Towers

Power towers are also called pull-up and dip stations, they’re an excellent piece of gym equipment for people wanting to train calisthenics and use just their own body-weight as resistance for the key exercises such as pull-ups, dips and leg raises. Our range of power towers are all commercial grade from brands such as Endura Fitness and Tunturi. 

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  • Sale! Tunturi-power-tower-PT20 main image

    Tunturi PT20 Power Tower

    £319.00 £219.00
  • Sale! Tunturi power tower PT60 main image

    Tunturi PT60 Power Tower

    £479.00 £345.00
  • Sale!

    Tunturi PT80 Power Tower

    £679.00 £499.00
  • Custom Order

    Endura Fitness® PRO TRAIN Leg Raise

  • Custom Order

    Endura Fitness® PRO TRAIN Chin, Dip and Leg Raise

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