Rowing Machines

Rowing machines, such as seated rowers and water rowers are an excellent piece of gym equipment for creating a high intensity all body workout, indoors. They work both your upper and lower body, but are also fantastic for cardiovascular fitness. Rowing machines are very popular in commercial gyms as they have a small footprint, but are equally good in home gyms. We stock a wide range of the industry’s popular fitness brands such as: Tunturi, Flow Fitness & Water Rower.

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  • Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 Rowing Machine

  • Sale!

    Tunturi Cardio FitRow 40 Rowing Machine

    £499.00 £475.00
  • Flow Fitness DMR250 Rower

  • Flow Fitness DMR800 Rower

  • 10-12 Week ETA

    WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine

  • 10-12 Week ETA

    WaterRower Natural S4 Rowing Machine

  • WaterRower Club S4 Rowing Machine
    10-12 Week ETA

    WaterRower Club S4 Rowing Machine

  • Sale!

    Tunturi Platinum Rower PRO

    £1,599.00 £1,499.00
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