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Squat Racks

A squat rack is one of the most fundamental pieces of gym equipment. They are more stable and can usually take a lot more weight than a pair of squat stands, so are essential in any good commercial gym. Squatting is one of the most popular leg strength exercises, so make sure your gym is equipped. Our range includes the most robust commercial squat racks, as well as cheaper models suitable for home gyms. Give your gym the edge today!

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  • Tunturi weight spotter catchers

    Tunturi WT10 Spotter Catchers

  • Tunturi WB20 Weight Bench

  • Tunturi WB50 Multi-Function Bench

  • Tunturi SM80 Full Smith Machine

  • Endura Fitness commercial squat rack
    Custom Order

    Endura Fitness® PRO TRAIN Olympic Squat Rack

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