Explore the world

from home


Explore the world from home. Cycle, cross and run anywhere on the world. When connected to the app, your cardio equipment will automatically change the resistance corresponding the elevation changes in the video.

Explore the world from home
Cycle, cross and run at your own level
Choose out of 50,000+ videos
Compete in public or private challenges
Coaching classes from your home
Expand training profiles of your cardio equipment

Choose from 50,000+ videos


Never get bored on your cardio trainer again. The platform offers you 50,000+ videos you can choose to play. The videos are from places all over the world, from the United States to Australia and everything in between.

Explore the world from home


Do you want to check out your holiday destination or do you wish to cycle or run through the famous Central Park in New York City? This is possible with Tunturi Routes.
Make use of the videos users have uploaded all around the world. The resistance of your cardio equipment will sync automatically with the elevation changes in the video. It’s like you are there…

Follow coaching classes from home


Do you know spin classes? A room full of sweaty people on spinning bikes accompanied by loud music? Coaches around the world have uploaded their coaching lessons on the platform, so you can follow the instructions of the coach from the comfort of your own home.
Is Tunturi Routes Free?

The app can be downloaded for free to any compatible device. Tunturi Routes is available as both a free and paid for version.

The free version gives you access to a a starter selection of videos without subscription. To unlock all the videos and interactive features a subscription is required. Find out more about the available subscription options.

How do I connect my Tunturi cardio equipment to Tunturi Routes?
Click here for the Tunturi Routes compatible models in our store. Remember we are distributors for Tunturi so if you are looking for a specific model not listed on our site contact us for more details. 
Check out this guide on how to connect your compatible fitness machine to the app.
How do I connect a remote display to Tunturi Routes?

If you are looking for a more immersive experience consider connecting up to you TV or monitor. Using a larger screen instead of your tablet or mobile can really enhance the interactive home fitness experience. Here’s a guide on how to set up your remote display for Tunturi Routes.

What are the system requirements for Tunturi Routes?


Android 5.0 and up + a GPS chipset
1GB RAM minimum
Note: the fullscreen mode is only available on Android 6 or higher

IOS 10 and up

Why is my equipment with Bluetooth not detected?

If compatible equipment with Bluetooth cannot be detected if it is already connected with a different app or device. Close all current connections and try again.

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